POSTER DESIGN :  Design & illustration


Imaginary Friends have been producing poster art for bands and events throughout New Zealand since 1999 check out some colourful designs below.


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VIDEO:  Film & animation PRO


Promotional video, music video, animation, TVC... Imaginary Friends direct, produce and create animated graphics for any video project.


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BRANDING :  logo design


Logo design, company branding, merchandising Imaginary Friends can work along side you to create a garphic that works across all platforms.


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ILLUSTRATION :  lmage design


Hand drawn, computer animated, cardboard created... Imaginary Friends produce illustrations or characters to fit your project or brand.


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Mummy - SFRQ 2014
Drummer - Bandquest
Flying boy - SFRQ 2013
Monster Skull - SFRQ 2013
Gat Man- Bandquest
Cycops Monkey - SFRQ 2013
Frankinstine - SFRQ 2014
Wolf Boy- SFRQ 2014
Pink - Bandquest